About Us…


Location and Team

Our office is located in McKinney, Texas, 20 mins just north of Dallas, Texas. Our staff are local, with the exception of a couple of estimators who work remotely from other states. 

We welcome all of our clients to meet with us personally to show we are real people, dedicated to professionalism, and want to build a solid, lasting relationship with you. Because we are a smaller company, we don’t have a main office, but rather work remote from home offices in order to reduce unnecessary overhead some larger companies have. This helps us keep our rates competitive without sacrificing quality.


Experienced Team

Our team of  estimators and inspectors have worked as either Residential and/or Commercial property adjusters in the past. Additionally, a few of our team have worked as construction consultants for commercial clients. Combined, our team has over 25 years experience consulting, inspecting properties and creating quality estimates.

What we do….

We know how to inspect and take quality photos for our clients.
We know how to create quality Xactimate estimates. 
We’ve done it over and over, thousands of times.

We provide quality products/services most contractors need, we are very good at what we do and we charge reasonable, competitive rates. 

What we don’t do….

  • We don’t interpret or read policies. Although we are very capable of doing so, it is not part of our role and would be against DOI code.
  • We don’t “negotiate” with insurance companies/adjusters. Again, not part of our role and against DOI code.
  • We don’t act as a Public Adjuster or Attorney, as we are not licnesed as either. We also do not “represent” your client (the insured) in any way. 
  • We don’t collect payments for our clients



We work strictly through email, phone calls and personal meetings with our clients. We don’t have a fancy “portal” you can access, or any other system that will complicate our service processes. We have found most of our clients don’t need or want those things, and keeping it simple tends to expedite our turn around times. But, you can be assured that you will still be able to hold us accountable to a professional standard and consistent quality. 



Don't waste another day!

If you are tired of doing inspections, reinspections to meet with adjusters/engineers, writing estimates and taking time away from your business/making sales to do these things (or, if you just have more work than staff)….let My Estimate Team help you! 

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