Ok, so you want to know pricing. Pretty simple, really, and standard for the industry.

*All services require a $150 deposit to initiate the process, this deposit is credited towards your final invoice.

  • For estimate only services, we charge 1% of the estimate total or the base fee of $150, whichever is greater.
  • For supplement services (includes writing the estimate), we charge 10% of the increase we get approved or 1% of the estimate total, whichever is greater.

There are no catches and we will never charge for something that we feel is not worth your money to go after. In fact, we are usually able to tell our clients up front what we think a file would be worth the money to them. 


On estimate only projects, we bill $150 up front and any remaining balance once the client approves the estimate.

On supplement projects, we bill $150 up front and any remaining balance the day we obtain final approval from the carrier on any supplements approved.

As for invoicing our clients, we use QuickBooks and email all invoices. We have multiple ways for our clients to pay our invoices. However, given the nature of our business, we do request final payment within 7 calendar days from the date on the invoice.